Anti-dust solar shield

reduce the bonding with dust

PV Module glass treated with Anti-dust coating can be cleaned quickly and easily. The PV modules can maintain their performance for longer, with minimum cleaning cycles and less labor and consumables needed to clean the solar plants. Our coating brings direct performance improvements and indirect maintenance savings, boosting the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of solar projects in dry environments.



  • Non-stick properties that prevent dust deposition on panel.
  • Easy-to-clean / self-cleaning effect – water immediately rolls off the surface.
  • Simple single coat application & cures at atmospheric temperature.
  • Invisible to the naked eye (coating thickness: 100nm).
  • UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion. This enables functionality for an extended period of time, thus coating is not negatively affected by sunlight, i.e. stable at varying temperatures 
  • Inhibits build up of moisture.
  • Ecologically beneficial and biologically safe Resistant to salty environments
  • Anti-soiling.
  • With the reduction of surface dirt and dust, there is a subsequent reduction of cleaning cycles and need for harmful chemical cleaners, which in turn lowers maintenance and labor costs. Cleaning cycles are dropped to half and cleaning time reduced by 75%, thus saving time, energy and cost – proving to be an efficient and cost effective solution.  
  • Increases panel efficiency and ROI.
  • Highly beneficial for hard to reach and remote panels.


Addition to the efficiency gain, park managers can further increase their profit by reducing their cost of operation. When installing modules with Anti-dust coating, the number of cleaning cycles and reducing the amount of cleaning consumables can be limited, including water and manpower. As in this example, for the site in India, if the potential exhibited in the test is extrapolated to the full 150 MW solar park in Andhra Pradesh, India, its owner could benefit from an EBITDA increase of (1.8%) This is achieved by a combination of higher electricity output (+2,56%) and lowering the number of cleaning cycles that are required to run and maintain the installation in an efficient manner (-10 cycles).

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