waterless Automatic solar panel cleaning robot


The efficiency of solar panels reduces drastically due to dirt, dust and soiling on solar panels, hence maintaining solar panels is essential in every PV system. Inadequate cleaning can reduce solar power plant performance from 10 to 35%. For an optimal electricity generation, solar arrays require periodic solar panel cleanings especially in areas of high airborne particulates or Industrial sectors (dust, exhaust, coastal salts, organic debris, industrial processes). For a conventional solar panel cleaning, Water needs to be conditioned through water softener prior to application to minimize mineral deposit which leads to wastage of water and high cleaning cost.

Optimize Solar Energy Production

With TAYPRO's Best Waterless Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot in India.

1. Scheduled Automatic Cleanings

2. No guiding rails required

3. Waterless cleaning

4. Remote Control Over Any Device

5. Light weight

6. Fast cleaning speed

7. Scratch-free technology

8. Overcomes dimensional irregularities

with Advanced web user interface to monitor and control the robot


TayPro believes in quality solar panel cleaning service with the latest technology to provide optimum energy generation from PV plant at affordable rates. TayPro uses solar panel cleaning technology by applying minimal pressure on PV surface with soft microfiber brush to ensure no harm is done to solar panels and to convert maximum sunlight into useful energy.

Taypro 2.1 is an Innovative water-less solar plant cleaning robot designed to retrofit in utility scale as well as rooftop solar plants which are not designed specifically for robotic cleaning with minor infrastructural modifications. It has been designed after a thorough study and analysis of the problems which exists on major solar power plants, which makes the cleaning robot easy to operate and simple to maintain. An innovative cleaning assembly and driving mechanism make the robot compatible with fixed tilt, seasonal tilt and Horizontal single axis trackers. The Taypro 2.1 is compatible with any size of solar panel rows and the device comes equipped with a system which allows the robot to overcome high levels of irregularities and undulations.


  • Waterless Cleaning
  • Advanced Web UI
  • Scheduled Automatic Cleaning
  • Over the air updates
  • Long lasting battery backup
  • Scratch-free Technology
  • Fast Cleaning Speed
  • Easy operation

Solar panel cleaning has become a critical industry best practice and often offers a simple and cost effective method to increase rate of return by 15% or more.  TayPro provides best solar panel cleaning services in India for Residential, Industrial, Commercial rooftop as well as ground mounted solar on-grid, off-grid and hybrid PV power plants.


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