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Taypro Private Limited was founded to provide advanced cleaning solutions for the solar energy industry. Taypro began to develop the solar panel cleaning robot after realizing that dirt accumulating on the solar panels was responsible for the significant drop in electrical output.
Taypro provides an innovative means of cleaning (efficient, fast, safe, economical and thorough) to maintain the rate of electrical output and return the investment within a short period of time.
After years of intensive development work integrating the latest technology with the foremost engineers, Taypro created the Taypro 2.1. The Taypro 2.1 is a revolutionary solar panel cleaning system which provides the owners of solar systems with:
Water-less Cleaning
Thorough cleaning of all types of dirt.
Tremendous savings in cleaning time.
Scratch-free technology
Easy Operation & handling
Factory Test Bed


Taypro believes in building a quality product. Our in-house testing facility ensures that each product undergoes extreme quality tests before deploying on site for actual cleaning.
With less moving parts and low BOM minimizes points of failure in the robots ensuring long life cycles.

Our Vision

Taypro's vision is build a greener planet by providing innovative, efficient & sustainable solutions and to establish self as a global leader in energy saving sector

Our Mission

Taypro's mission is to assist solar plants to maximize energy generation by implementing best O&M practices

At Taypro Private Limited we work with the best engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers, to bring you progress and technology at its best.

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