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Taypro AMS Console

Most advanced console to track, monitor and control all of your solar panel cleaning robots at one place from anywhere in the world.

AMS Console
Advance Weather Monitoring
Advanced Weather Monitoring

Gets the latest weather data from global weather stations
Predicts best time for cleaning by comparing wind speed, cloudiness, humidity etc. by checking current as well as forecasted weather data.
Reschedules Timers Automatically providing optimum results of cleaning. 


Real-time communication

Taypro uses latest communication protocols to provide over the air updates to robots and keep robots connected to iot the server 24x7 with 99.9% uptime guarantee

Advanced weather monitoring

Each of taypro robots gets connected to the server through AMS console, tracks the weather data and takes automatic actions for severe weather conditions

Preventive Action

Robots sends the malfunction parameters to the server which helps Taypro Technicians to prevent the breakdown before hand and keep robots running for longer time

Download Reports

Track and monitor robots running time, battery and all of the other stats live to take the actions on the go.
Download the data of each individual robots to monitor health and other parameters to make the best out of the robots.

Download Reports

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